vacant seats

vacant seats

Due to higher cost pressures, the price of our airport taxi has been revised from aplir 1.

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Catch the car at the airport

Catch the car at the airport
If you need your name sign at the arrival gate, the charge 1,000yen would apply.
*Please fill your name in the entry field.
Otherwise, if you call us on your arrival (after receiving luggage and clearing the custom),
just mention your (booking) name and destination to us and move to the meeting place.
where we'l let you know when we accept your booking, the driver would come over 
there within about 10 minutes.
*The charge of it would not apply.
If you have the logo of "CHUO TAXI" at the meeting place,
it would be easy for the driver to find you.
*available handwriting

Easiest  Quickest Reasonable Access to

Hot Ski Resorts in Nagano:

Hakuba, Nozawa, Shiga

We cover all those popular ski resorts in Nagano prefecture such as Hakuba, Nozawa-onsen, Shiga-kogen and Madarao-kogen.


Just 12,900-13,900 JPY  Narita Airportè Hakuba Nozawa, Shiga
Taxi Fare per adult is just 12,900-13,900 JPY from Narita.

(11,900-12,900 JPY from Haneda / 13,900 JPY from Chubu international airport)

Go to  >>Reservation>> below (click the banner) to book your seat.

For more details/ info on other areas, see the chart above.


Confirmation of Your Booking via Email
 (Reply will be made within 48 hours)

You will receive an email from us within 48 hours (72hours in winter season from Dec through Mar).
Until then your reservation is not confirmed.
If you have not heard back from us by three days after your sending us your email, please call us or send us an email again.
Thanks a lot for your kind cooperation in advance.


Would you like to privately charter a

Would you like to privately charter a
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